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New Metal Looks by Tubes


Tubes present the new matt brushed copper finish for its Kubik, Bath 25, Smart and t.b.t. models, along with the anodized bronze aluminum version for Soho and Soho Bathroom Version. Beauty and functionality, superior performance combined with a sophisticated look. Tubes have always paid particular attention to the balance between excellent functional performance levels and the aesthetics of its products, which in many cases became new icons and star players with undoubted styling charisma for all settings, whether residential or communal.

The focus on shape can be found both in the design as well as the “skin” of Tubes radiators, in other words, their finish and color, which makes them the perfect fit for all domestic contexts, mirroring the customer’s taste to perfection. Tubes collections include over 260 RAL colors, special purpose-designed hues, particular galvanic plated finishes (chrome glossy, satin nickel, black nickel, polished tin, 14 kt gold and the new matt brushed copper) and anodized finishes (silver, titanium, black and from now on also bronze). A few words about the production processes behind the two new special finishes:

How we achieve the matt brushed copper finish: After undergoing galvanic coating, the material is copper-coated and neutralized, to form a black surface. Subsequently, it is brushed, and a matt transparent top coat of varnish is applied.

How we achieve the anodized aluminum finish: The surface of the metal is cleaned, degreased and rendered matt through the use of specific chemicals. Subsequently, the metal is washed and left to dry, then covered by Soho, bronze anodized finish Kubik matt brushed copper finish an oxide film which protects it against corrosion, achieving the desired chromatic hue.

Once again Tubes stands out for its strong innovative flair, which is both functional and styling-focused, applied to its products. Today, heat and top performance pick fashionable metal-look clothing… that is also evergreen!