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Clare Cousins Architects Created Addition to an Edwardian Cottage


Contemporary beauty surrounded by a picturesque landscape of cactuses and plants in Australia. This charming, light and modern house project surrounded by cactuses, succulents and other mesmerizing plants that create a peaceful oasis in the busy city is located in Melbourne, Australia.

The beautiful design that we like to introduce to you today is a new addition to an Edwardian cottage created by Clare Cousins Architects that merges successfully the high, contemporary design of the new piece with the traditional architectural past, beautifully. The facade of the new space features characteristic and intriguing plate-steel baffle wall that divides the inside and outside in a sculptural contemporary manner, providing not only aesthetic impact but also cleverly arranged shadow and ventilation system.

The interior is light, inviting and modern. Entwining the gorgeous beauty of the pale oak cladding and bespoke furniture with carefully selected design details, decorations and trendy pieces of furniture and lighting solutions the desires compose a well-balanced and luminous ambiance. The elegant pale oak timber that clad the sloped ceiling is a perfect match with the custom-made cabinetry of the kitchen and living room zone and is contrasting dynamically with the black, charcoal and dark accents of the design composition. Minimalist, clear lined and in a restrained color arrangement, the design is a piece of beauty and light.  Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann