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Modern Two-Level Apartment in Taipei


This apartment is designed by DaChi International Design located in Taipei, Taiwan. They are specialized in converting 20 years old building. Measuring 200 square meters with two levels, it is the wonderful size for a small family who requires own private space. Blue large sofa, surrounding with white furnishings, gives a bright and wide impression. The TV wall is also creatively done that connects with living and dining room. The overall design is modern and simplicity that use blue and white color to present an attractive appearance.

Living room with large blue sofa creates a comfort and enthusiastic space. The spacious living room manages to feel sweet and warm with the set up of large color contrast.

The floor reflection reveals a bright and wide visual experience.

The setting of TV wall perfectly blends with the stairs and divide space for dining and living room.

The marble made dining table with gray color, and dark texture connects to the surroundings, coming out of the graceful atmosphere.

Movable slide doors reduce precious space between dining room and kitchen.

The wood color stairs show a warm and cozy feeling. The transparent handle guarantees safety and beauty.

The bathroom dominated with gray stone, increase the light absorption and luxurious experience.

Concise and relax is what you can feel in this room. Family members can use this room together for multiple purposes.

The white background makes your life simple and easy.

The unique L-shape bookshelf combined with lights energizes the room impression.

The main bedroom is designed with comfortable lighting and superior material.

The single window and light match with the chair present a smooth element.

The dressing room is connected with the main bedroom that displays an easy access to normal needs. The white tile expresses elegance and comfort impression.