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Modern Cave Dwelling in Old Jaffa District


The renowned Israeli architectural studio Pitsou Kedem had created this modern cave dwelling in old Jaffa district, Tel Aviv, turning it into luminous, dynamic space that opens towards the sea. The contemporary minimalism in furnishing typical for the architect’s signature style sits very well with the unique structures and shapes of the space. The rounded arches, ceilings, and openings of the original construct are enhanced by clever architectural and design insertions.

Fragile round glass lamps, the soft corners of the furniture, arched windows and doors, niches and intriguing openings – all is a harmonious translation of the original cave structure into a modern dynamic language. The spaces exuberate tranquility and luxury; the newly integrated areas are not closed with doors but left open, allowing views towards the sea from each one of them including the bathroom premises – a beautiful place to enjoy the sea view.

Row materials palate: polished concrete floors, the original over hundreds of years old stonework, the white plaster that enhances the luminosity of the premises are aiming towards natural yet modern expression. The color palate is restrained, keeping the pure emanation of the whites’ dominant, black accents and natural wood complete the arrangement and of course the signature minimal colorful touch, this time in bright yellow – jazzes up the color composition. This project is a magnificent example of how to integrate contemporary minimalist language and eminent style into a beautiful historical shell.  Photography by Amit Geron.