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Lithos Design Celebrates its 10th Anniversary


Lithos Design celebrates its 10th anniversary, a major accomplishment for a young business with a passion for natural stone, which it has been able to value over this period by combining innovative industrialization processes with research and know-how about this prestigious material.

This is the story of two brothers, one designer and their passion for natural stone. Alberto and Claudio Bevilacqua, with the know-how of designer Raffaello Galiotto, have in this ten-year period studied multiple industrialization processes for the mass production of claddings made of stone, a precious material that is always, truly, one of a kind. Having been among the very first companies to introduce the concept of stone industrial design, Lithos Design today offers a host of modular, ready-to-use architectural solutions. Stone material and the Made in Italy industrialization process are the foundations of the collections provided by Lithos Design, inspired by various concepts that mark the style of the company and its products.

Apart from the collections, Lithos Design developed projects of research and experimentation, true masterpieces exhibited in trade shows and international events: Materia Litica, Stone Gate, Opus Motus, Flexible Stone and Lisca.

2016, with the 10-year anniversary coming up, was a year for great change, owing to the restyled brand image: a new logo – the monogram LD that recalls a laughing emoji, reflecting the brand’s sunny and positive mood as well as the launch of three brands: the Lithos Design Primes and Lithos Design Domino lines are joined by Lithos Design Source, a turnkey solution for residential and contract projects.

A host of accomplishments and plenty of innovation in just ten years. Lithos Design continues to focus on design, on research, and on cutting-edge technology, which has won it international accolades awarded thanks to the quality of its products, with the aim of unveiling new horizons for stone material.