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House with Historic Spirit Restored by Gloria Duran


An amazing restoration project that combines the romantic, historic charm of a medieval manor and the light contemporary expression of modern design. We just love houses with historic spirit and strong character, don’t you?

This magnificent Spanish manor situated in a charming medieval village of Pals, Girona is spectacularly restored by architectural studio Gloria Duran. Preserving its historical spirit and enhancing its character by light contemporary design the architects achieved an ideal balance of past and present – the newest innovations in environmental sustainability and techniques meet the rustic charm and meaningful presence of the original structures.

The main living premises feature impressive double height space with exposed stone walls and ceiling sustained by gorgeous old wooden beams. Elegant mixture of historic spirit and light contemporary design is achieved by the architects. Space features so many attractive and beautiful design solutions that it’s difficult to catch them all at first glimpse – maybe the gorgeous ethnic rug by GAN with its contemporary geometrical shapes and colors and the suspended fireplace become the main focal point of the design arrangement. Further an elegant mixture of rustic elements and decorations and unique modern pieces of furniture and lamps create an intriguing and extraordinary character for the decor.

Vast glass structure separates the mezzanine presence of the master bedroom from the main living floor, securing a unique vantage point for it. The kitchen features functional, contemporary whiteness of expression – a luminous premise that makes the food preparation process a pleasure. Sliding doors lead to the very inviting and stylishly furnished wooden deck of the house.

Yes, another fantastic feature of this 1850’s old manor is that no matter how beautiful and sophisticated it is its interior design arrangement the natural surrounding and historical facade of the house offer a worthy challenge. A small lake greets the front facade; modern swimming pool with a bathing house is secluded at the rear. Many other uniquely designed premises are spread throughout the house – places for relaxation and reading, quiet corners to soak and enjoy the historical spirit of the home, luxurious bathrooms that also successfully combine rustic charm and history with contemporary comfort and exquisite stylistics – like the whole design of this spectacular house.