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Multifunctional Furniture Influenced by Green Lifestyle


Designed by Dossofiorito, or Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo, Etta is a truly exceptional product, consisting of a base element on which various accessories can be mounted, a round coffee table, two vertical structures and a padded backrest in two colors. Thanks to these customization possibilities, Etta can be transformed from a simple bench to a space divider, on which small objects can be played, as well as plants, in particular, the climbers, for which the vertical structures with pegs are designed.

Etta merges Zilio A&C’s care for natural materials and its attitude towards the creation of accessories influenced by a green lifestyle. The result is a product that can fit different kinds of environments, offering attractive furnishing solutions for both homes and public spaces.

Mobile elements invites user to arrange them in anyway they wish, and also turn this playful piece of furniture into a versatile storage unit, not just for indoor plants.