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55 Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas


When decorating your living room zones or dining room areas, there are many compositional details and specific style accents that one should keep in mind. Aside from the trends in furniture, colors, and textures (which we have explored in details for you in our previous publications), there is also the small artistic details, materials choices and design structures that round up the place together.

55 Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas for Season 2018 - 2019

Image credit: Minotti

So we would like to introduce to your attention some trendy and inspired dining room wall decor ideas that will help you create the home of your dreams with a dash of style and unique modern and personalized charm. Different materials, decor elements, clever insertions: from classic wood, marble and stone structures, to small thoughtful details like mirrors, plates or vertical gardens; on today’s interior decor scene there are no limits to the creativity and imagination. Want to know how to decorate a dining room wall? Take a look at these beautiful and sometimes even stunning examples we have handpicked for you.

55 Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas for Season 2018 - 2019

Image credit: Pearson Design Group

Image credit: Fritz Hansen

Art Gallery Walls

Most people like to decorate their working spaces with pictures, drawings, and other meaningful memorabilia items, but lately, we observe the migration of these colorful assembles called art gallery walls – towards the dining spaces of the home, an intriguing and personal touch that completes the decor of the dining zones. Often the content of this assembles shows the private interests and passions of the inhabitants of the home. The traditional portraits and still life art compositions are replaced with modern posters from cultural events, book illustrations, graphics or even street art replicas that reflect the contemporary pop culture trends.

Image credit: Bloomingville

For a base of the art gallery walls, one can use a “virgin” white wall as well as dark or intense colors base. But is important that the frames of the decoration are contrasting with the base – black, golden, silver or patina frames are quite trendy right now. Dynamic juxtaposition of sizes, shapes, and places is intentionally searched within the borders of the assembly – it brings dynamic tension and specific character for your art gallery wall.

Image credit: DesignFolder

There are few pointers you can use when assembling your trendy gallery wall: first – is important that the content is meaningful to you. It is true that the presence of such a decor element, that combines your favorite prints and art pieces can instantly elevate the style and value of any space, but it also presents you and your passions and interests, so it’s important for you to enjoy it – you are the one that will have to look at it every day.

Image credit: Lonny

It is good that there are no limits or special requirements for the sizes, colors, contents or shapes of the different elements of such a gallery composition. You can choose pieces that have a common thread – a certain color for example or an ideological theme. But you don’t have to limit yourself – hurray!

Image credit: Cathrine Hammel

Actually, dynamics and variety are good pointers for the assembly of such a wall: use a different frame for each piece – if you wish, no restrictions in colors or sizes, let your imagination fly. The only practical advice you can follow when designing your art gallery wall is that you can start by hanging the largest piece first. Position it slightly off-center – so it doesn’t steal the show, and then arrange the rest of the pieces in a dynamic fashion around it. Lately, many designers use in the decor composition an outside elements and objects that give additional style and character to the dining room wall art. So don’t limit yourself to framed pictures 3D elements can also be included.

Image credit: Norsu

Large Scale Art Piece

The art collectors enjoy exhibiting their collections throughout their homes and spaces and the dining zone makes no exception. These places are usually suitable for all kinds of artistic themes and styles: from human body sketches to large-scale abstract paintings, colorful accents or geometrical shapes in contrasting compositions; anything goes. Just keep in mind that for your dining room you should choose a painting or a piece of art that has positive emotional influence on you. Usually, the large scale art pieces give a beautiful contrast with the wall on which they are exhibited and introduce an excellent visual effect and characteristic focal point to any decor composition.

Image credit: Ozzio

Here a dynamic and simple sketch for a modern and clear-lined decor composition.

Image credit:  SAOTA Architects

Even if you don’t properly hang the large scale art pieces the effect is quite acceptable. Together with the rustic pieces of this decor composition the large paintings sits quite naturally against the wall and in the corner.

Image credit: Arketipo

In this contemporary assembly, the large painting brings colorful geometric accent.

Image credit:  Bonami

Wooden Panels and Wooden Cladding

Applying wood as organic materials addition into modern home decor becomes more and more desirable and trendy each year. This is especially true in the food preparation and consummation areas. Wood elements can be used in different artistic variations and styles: as cladding, furniture, appliances or like it is in the case of this characteristic interior decor composition – as a part of a wall separation construct. Equally sized cubical pieces compose the tracery wall separation structure that corresponds nicely with the wooden cladding of floors and exposed ceiling.

Image credit:  Wolveridge Architects

The wooden cladding and decor elements are equally fitting modern city dwellings as well as vacation houses with a more rustic vibe. The wood as a material has many positive and unique qualities – excellent thermal isolation, it ages gracefully, it contributes to healthy indoor air quality, literally contains energy, and it is a sustainable material. In addition to all that, it’s pure decorative characteristics bring warmth and cozy emanation to any design compositions and can successfully act as a neutral accent in the interior design balance.

Image credit:  Archstudio

So like is in the case with many old, classic materials and design approaches that make a comeback. Lately, we observe a high reincarnation trend and ideological renaissance of the wooden cladding and design elements. But like it is with the rest of any retro vibe trend in the contemporary scene, the wooden presence in the modern interior decors is refreshed and brought to new heights. Especially trendy and desirable are becoming the pale, smooth woods characteristic for the Scandinavian decors or the Asian, Zen-like minimalism of expression.

Image credit:  Bower Architecture

Simple and clean with strong, unique presence the wood can have many different uses and appearances. And is always classy, elegant and warm.

Image credit:  ZW6

Room Dividers & Partitions

Separating big spaces through partial walls and different dividers is a standard technique applied by contemporary designers and architects. Usually, those structures play a double role: as a space definers and as decorative elements, part of the interior composition. This is particularly the case when we speak about the dining room premises – they are often adjacent to the kitchen or the living room, and in those cases is especially ingenious to use classy materials like stone, wood or metal to achieve useful and artistic space division in decorative manner.

Image credit:  Studio MK27

Here light and airy wood lattice that corresponds nicely with the open space exposition and the simplistic decor.

Image credit: Wolveridge Architects


Image credit: Wolveridge Architects

Space dividers from wood have many positive features – one of them is that the material allows the designers to experiment with shapes, transparency, and artistry.

Image credit: DTDA pty ltd

Image credit:  Betty Wasserman

3D Wall Panels

In contemporary interior design scene, the 3D panels are often used technic to spice up the space emanation and add distinct character. They are often presenting specific geometrical patterns that bring depth and dynamic effect to modern dining zone decoration. For a maximum impression, they should be used only on one wall (usually the one closest to the dining table) or as a partial decoration.

Image credit:  Pepe Calderin Design

Image credit:  Pepe Calderin Design

The 3D Wall Panels are a creation of modern technology and trends, and they are often inspired by the abstract style (in architecture and art) with its random geometrical figures and silhouettes. They introduce a contemporary character to any dining room composition, a good way to break the monotonous appearance.

Image credit:  Chibi Moku

Image credit:  Inhabit Living

Mirror Decorating Ideas for Dining Room

That is characteristic and mainly well-known and used a decorative element that is quite flexible in it its rich variety options. There are so many different variants when it comes to the introduction of a mirror into your dining room composition: variations in shape, size, style of framing: their use brigs freedom and allows imaginative play.

Image credit:  Ozzio

From the usage of vintage mirrors with wooden craft frames to the minimalist modem frameless mirrors, from mirror-clad walls to simple and shy accent, the variations can be infinite – just experiment and … well play.

Image credit:  Wayfair

With their reflective qualities, the mirrors can become a functional addition to the decor composition that makes space appear larger than its actual size. They also introduce individual style and glamour to their surrounding and can appear in many artistic forms as a jewel to a fashionable outfit.

Image credit:  Miniforms

Image credit:   Lorenzo Pinnati

Image credit:  Arent&Pyke

Marble Walls

When it comes to luxurious and natural materials that can be used as cladding and focal point accents in the decoration of the dining premises, undeniable favorite is the marble. Stylish and luxurious this material introduces a class to any space in which it is present. Its natural texture and presence possesses a specific graphic tread that can vary in its character and intensity. The beautiful texture also brings smooth shine, glamour and entreating diversity in colors: from white to almost black in shades and appearance – from warm to chic, from solid to ethereal. It is always good to have rich choices.

Image credit: Pinterest.com

Marble has made a modern comeback in the world of interior design. However, the key to keeping the trend fresh is using it in small doses – accents and statement pieces – rather than in amounts that overwhelm the eye. In this case, less is infinitely more.

Image credit:  Mim Design

Image credit:  Guilherme Torres

Image credit:  Interiorzine.com

Dining Rooms With Stone Walls

Another material that has its strong presence in the trendy decor composition is the stone – but is more commonly meet in the design of vacation houses and villas. Traditionally used as an outside cladding or architectural construct the stone infiltrates the homes in the 50-ts and 60-ts when architects start to use as a cladding of dining rooms or around the fireplaces in the living premises.

Image credit:  1540 Arquitectura

And although this material has more rustic and rough character, its natural qualities and organic presence can compete with the usage of materials such as wood and marble. Its thermo-regulating qualities, natural appearance and great variation in colors, shapes, and textures makes it a wonderful choice for introducing a character and unique charm into a wide range of casual dining room ideas. In the examples we have selected for you – from the luxurious shine in the first one to the rough construct in the last one – the stone demonstrates its timeless and classy character.

Image credit:  Matthew Niemann

So, a stone wall can be perfect for your dining room assembly: it is functional, it does not age, its stable, it has a reach tradition in its usage and as we mention – it does not restrict your imagination when it comes to colors: from red to black, from warm to neutral textures. So check out those inspires stone spaces … and maybe you will find what you’re looking for.

Image credit: Mide Architetti

Dining Rooms with Brick Walls

If not stone, why not brick? The ceramic material also had gone under development and re-imagination of usage: from the simple constructive material it becomes and aesthetic presence into the modern dining room decoration and trendy new outlooks. The brick construct goes very well in combination with metal framings, large glass vitrines, industrial lighting solutions and contemporary vibes.

Image credit:  Gerrad Hall Architects

Image credit:  nimtim architects

Image credit:   Architects EAT

Image credit:   Itay Friedman Architects

Plate Wall Decor Ideas

Almost a century old tradition of decorating the walls of dining rooms is experiencing not only a strong comeback but an artistic development: from a conglomerate of similar objects on shelves and walls, it becomes a piece of contemporary art, provoking experimentation and creativity.

Image credit:  Ghislaine Vinas

The plate wall decors can be very entertaining and in a great variety of expressions – in the selection, we choose to present to you, the first example creates an illusion of framing, an assembly of plates – bringing it closer to painting.

Image credit:  Ghislaine Vinas

In the second there is no framing just a small collage of different sizes and patterns.

Image credit:  vt wonen

The next one is intriguing with its contrast of simple whites on a black base. And speaking of contrast – a dynamic tension can be created even if there is no juxtaposition – the white plates on white wall prove it. The possibilities are unlimited – just enjoy.

Image credit:  Ghislaine Vinas

The best part of decorating your dining room wall with plates is that you don’t need a specialist, fashionable designer or a craftsman to do it. All you need is the appropriate selection that will represent your vision: color, theme, motif or memorabilia of your travels, or just patterns and art that you enjoy. The assembly is also guided by your sense of style and artistry – the round shape of the plates is optional but also very undemanding (you can group them in any possible way without worrying if they are even). And bonus – creating a collection of plates that will become a decorative element in your home can be quite fun.

Image credit: houzz.com

Art Murals and Wallpaper Decor Ideas for Dining Room

That is usually the most common and preferable choice for decorating your dining room space. Wallpapers and murals offer great diversity, fast supplementation, and relatively economical solutions. The latest trend shows that many renown designers prefer to experiment on the field of creating artistic wallpapers and murals: they toy with texture, imitating marble or wood, they create a handmade pieces of art, they “copycatted” natural patterns of flowers and plants – all is a challenge, all is possible in the world of art murals and modern wallpaper themes.

Image credit:  Murals Wallpaper

Image credit:  Eco Wallpaper

Image credit:  Graham&Brown

Image credit:  Wall and Deco

Plants and Green Walls

This is one of our favorite ways to decorate a dining room wall – maybe because it’s a hardship to create and maintain, but mostly because it brings unique, fresh spirit and vital vibe to any premise. There are many trendy designers projects and breathtaking examples of green walls in the dining zone. Just take your pick, but keep in mind – is a living creature that you introduce into your home arrangements, so careful planning, and constant care are required. But the benefits are so many: the health implementations, the fresh emanation and air purification and even fantastic selections for your cuisine; if you integrate some spices into the plant composition. Not to mention the incredible aesthetics of a fresh green wall in your design assembly.

Image credit:  Wilson Architects

And we have the sneaking suspicion that the homes of the feature will become greener and greener in every sense of the word. Many scientific types of research show that extensive green life in the homes drastically reduces the energy cost, filter the airborne toxins and benefit the natural ventilation. And besides, they are just so pretty and … well…natural.

Image credit:   2B.GROUP

So, as you see, the options for decorating your Dining room wall are infinite, all you need is inspiration, creativity, and dash. Enjoy!

Image credit:  MARTINarchitects

Image credit: SVOYA Studio