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Small Masculine Apartment in Dark Color Schemes


The contemporary black stylistic of this masculine apartment located in Chisinau, Moldova is combined with a well-balanced mixture of natural materials palette, urban modernistic expressions, metals fittings and trendy lighting solutions.

The architect Dmitry Petrov from the studio LINE architects had designed all four zones of the apartment assembly each with its one atmosphere and bold mood expression. The kitchen is modern, functional and stylish – with its open storage system, prevailing of the black surfaces and clear lined simplicity – it gives and unique read on food preparation. Glass partitions and partial walls decided in deep charcoal define the rest of the spaces; comfortable and simple living zone with large leather sittings, glass separated wardrobe, wood clad bedroom and contemporary bathroom arrangements complete the picture of fashionable and comfortable modern life.

The materials selection is luxurious and brings nice harmony for the design: gorgeous wooden cladding, and oak parquet, coexist with concrete ceilings, glass structures, leather textures and metal additions. The lighting scheme also deserves special attention – variety of cleverly placed floor lamps, integrated ceiling bulbs, and fashionable pendant lamps give the right lighting accent and contrast to the finishes. Space possesses a specific atmosphere and strong character, which certain type of modern men can appreciate and enjoy fully – as the designers describe it – space “where cigars smoke and silk dresses fall.” Photography by Bajura Oleg