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Softdecor Created Well Balanced Mezzanine Apartment in White


One can assume that to achieve dynamic presence and strong character the designers have to use contrasting colors, bold shades, and unexpected twists. But this luminous jewel proves that for contrast and strong impression you don’t need juxtapositions and tension – simplicity and elegance can be breathtaking as well.

The luminous and overwhelming whiteness of this small mezzanine apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania is balanced and punctuated by rustic natural wood landmarks and structures. The conifer wood was a part of an old rural cottage, and its presence brings harmonic balance into the strict geometrical shapes of this modern interior decor composition.

The young designer Laura Giržadė (Softdecor) had created a well-balanced environment in which the intriguing old wood structures, the unique architectural forms (of arched windows niches, mezzanine spaces, and pinched roof structures) correspond nicely with the clear-lined decor composition on modern furnishing. The monochrome whiteness of every detail reflects the natural light, expands the space and gives unique character to the design piece.

The first floor features open space plan that connects the functional and simple kitchen zone and dining premises (orientated around a simplistic kitchen island) and the smoothing curves of the soft sofa, which semi-circular shape and modern appearance correspond nicely with the arches of the windows. On the mezzanine floor, the whiteness still prevails – even the exposed brick walls (another rustic touch) are covered with white paint. Glass partitions, minimalist decoration, and abundance of reflected light are also high points in this contemporary design. Simple, modern and luminous – we just love that space! Although small the apartment offers a free and fresh atmosphere that makes you realize – size does not matter for enjoyable and inspired living arrangement.   Photography by Leonas Garbačauskas