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Intriguing Example of Homes Architects Created to Host Their Family


It is always interesting to take a pick into the modern homes of architects and designers build to host their families and life. This project of Jacobs-Yaniv Architects located in Herzliya, Israel is an intriguing example of thoughtful, artistic and contemporary creation.

Preserving the existing plan life, fruit trees and natural landscape the architects successfully integrated the gardens into the architectural construct and created a close connection with nature for their home. The continuity of the organic materials palette also accomplished blurred borders between inside and out.

Using typical local materials like concrete and block work together with an abundance of transparent glass and wood furniture, and clever metal structures: like the metal framing of the roof with its open skylights that invite an abundance of natural light into the home; the architects enhanced the organic connection with the givens of the location. Wooden decks (with charming art pieces and garden furniture) extend the living quarters into the gardens and vice versa.

The interior decor composition is sober, inviting and comfortable. Warm color palate with dominating gray hues (given as a base line from the extensive block work in the architectural construct), occasional pastel color accents in the design elements and black focal points create a dynamic and contemporary atmosphere with the necessary homey emanation. Thoughtful lighting solutions scheme, designers lamps and bright architectural orientation towards light, breeze and other natural elements make the premises very welcoming and conducive for enjoyable living.

Custom made design features like the two-sided iron library that crosses and separates the kitchen and the lounge, or the functional fittings in kitchen and bathrooms, add to the unique character and functional charm of this modern home.  Photography by Amit Geron