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Beautiful Urban Simplicity with a Dynamic Modern Note


Alternating wood and black metal, gray textures and organic materials the designers from Rimartus created this beautiful urban simplicity with a dynamic modern note.

Located in Vilnius, Lithuania this contemporary project features a small mezzanine space that is visually expanded thanks to clever architectural and design composition. The monochrome materials and colors palette, the minimalism of decor items and the open floor plan create a spacious and luminous feeling. The dominating delicate gray of the wooden floor cladding evolves as shades and tactile sensations throughout the interior composition adding soft, comfortable furniture elements, functional fittings and warm, natural wood custom-made pieces as a final accent.

In the open floor plan of the main living premises, the visual continuity evolves throughout color and material accents: the blond wood of the dining table, the simple and modern bar and the kitchen fittings as a final high point. In the far corner, a black metal staircase leads to the mezzanine space where the architects achieved the so complicated combination between minimalism and cozy, welcoming emanation. Focal accent throughout the apartment composition became the fashionable designers’ lamps and lighting solutions- dynamic, urban and simple as the interior decor itself.  Photography by Andrius Stepankevičius