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Organic Bathroom Designed and Build by Thomas Laurens


The trend towards organic shapes and materials is a part of our lives, people like the natural look and flowing or curving forms, materials such as wood, clay or stone, they are even more liked. Here‘s one example from Thomas Laurens bathroom design with a beautiful wooden sink that is accented in the interior of a bathroom created for a customer.

This project is very close to my heart; there seldom comes a client along that lets you follow your heart’s desire.An organic design for a bathroom seems very fitting as the bathroom is the place we are most fragile, and that needs a soft and most gentle language of shape and sensation. The concept is based on natural flow and how water shapes object over time. I have tried to express this in almost water-worn shapes of the furniture situated along the hard stone bench that itself flows around the room.

The ceiling along the same concept is to seem like a riverbed, flowing around the simple basic layout. The light fixtures as boulders laying in the steam and with it shaping the surrounding riverbed. All in all the result is a place of personal contemplation and peace, just like the one’s we find out there in nature, the spots that leave you breathless and become fond memories.  Photography by Leonard Faustle and Maarten Wouters