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Luxury Two Bedroom Apartment in Central London


Luxury and fashionable glamor at this central London, two bedroom apartment. Our old acquaintances from TG Studio with, yet another, strong and vibrant decor project. This apartment has the characteristic for the designers; strong colors, rich textures, fashionable materials and trendy lighting solutions and many entertaining details that emphasize the luxurious, welcoming and homey spirit of the design composition.

Turning this 1970’s apartment in the heart of central London into a second home for a Hong Kong based family was a challenge of creativity and a chance to explore the lines of fashion and modern trends. Throughout the apartment signature pieces of furniture and finishing’s: from the beautiful Origami mirror by Thomas Griem that greets you at the foyer, to the luxurious linen wallpaper from Stereo Interiors in the bedroom, together with the super-king Thurman bed from Meridiani or the classic Amy Somerville Wing chair) ware applied to create high quality and memorable ambiance. As a tribute to the hosting country, British companies and brands were used where possible.

The main living premises feature open plan connection between the sitting zone and the bar – dining premise and are furnished with warm tones, rich textures and, of course, a dash of glamor and sparkle. The bathrooms present a modern concept of clear-lined timeless luxury and characteristic fittings from waterworks. Trendy designers’ lamps and entertaining pieces of art sculptures, paintings, and decorations – complete the rich, welcoming atmosphere of this modern dwelling.