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Black and White with Wooden Accents Apartment by Rimartus


Entwinement of black and white it wooden accents and a variety of gray hues to round it up – a modern dynamic apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania designed by Rimartus.

The simplicity and monochrome palette of this urban dwelling make it an elegant expression of modern life. The clear lined furniture and simple geometric arrangement are spiced up by artistic insertions, soft wood patterns, discrete pieces of art and fashionable designers’ lamps that carry the spirit of modern trends.

Each bedroom in this apartment has its strong individuality and elegant charm. The master bedroom is the simplest, and it’s sustained in monochrome color palate and clear lined furnishing that has only the accents of the lighting solution and discreet painting. The children’s rooms possess more dynamic urban emanation with smart individual traits – like the blackboard wall in one of them or the graphic calligraphy in the other. The main living premises and the bathroom possess the same simple, functional and clean design expression with warm wooden additions, which makes them light, welcoming and perfectly adapt for modern lifestyle experience.   Photography by Leonas Garbačauskas