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Spectacular Play of Volumes and Materials into Modern Split Level House


In a mood for something artistic, dynamic and modern? This contemporary project of Romanian architects Outline Architecture Office presents a spectacular play of volumes and materials that evolve into modern split level house, which utilizes cleverly the small area of the plot, accentuating the vertical development of the structure.

Alternating untreated wood, exposed brick constructs and glass panels the facade and the material continuity into the interior, present a play of opaque and transparent surfaces, unexpected volumes and intriguing insertions. Like the living tree at the base of the void, in the center of the house, which will grow together with its inhabitants – a young family of four.

The inner premises are full of light, thanks to multiple glass openings, skylights and the reflecting whiteness of the walls finishing. They are also dynamic and with unexpected spatial arrangement and layout, organized around a central void that extends to the top of the structure. The interior composition includes the organic materials continuity of the materials used in the facade extended and elaborated into the interior design. Wood, glass, stone and brick entwine into one dynamic and modern combination of shapes, structures, and volumes and create a home with unique character and presence.

The colors palette is kept light and bright with playful color accents: a red wall here, a playful, colorful chair and pillow there, a trendy black wall as an exclamation point;  and with elegant modern emanation that illuminates all the inner premises. The additions of living green accents are also noteworthy, not only the living tree that becomes another inhabitant of the house, but also the sun-deck and green roof that play the role of vertical gardens. Multiple lattice structures, graphic decorations, custom-made additions and fashionable lamps add to the contemporary charm of the interior decor composition.   Photography by Sorin Diaconescu