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Timber Extension on a Beach House by Austin Maynard Architects


This fantastic timber extension on a beach house in Lorne, Victoria, Australia offers not only a great view towards the ocean the primary purpose for which was created and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere but it also possesses unique ingenuity and charm of appearance. The designers’ team from Austin Maynard Architects had created this beautiful timber structure – that will age gracefully over time and sink back into the landscape, with significant consideration for the existing shack and the desires of the clients.

The interior layout of the extension offers spacious, sunny and intriguingly arranged daily premises. The rich texture of the timber that clad true-and-true the spaces (floor, ceiling, walls and even furniture made of warm caramel wood) introduces very tranquil and welcoming feeling and atmosphere. The artistic metal addition to the materials palette- the exposed beams with metal fixtures and screw bolts, the spiral staircase, the suspended cylinder of the fireplace- they all add unique character and artistic spirit to the premises. With, of course, a hint of contemporary dynamics and rustic charm entwined cleverly by the architects. It’s like a small jewel of modern design nested above the waves of the bay- clad in wood and golden light- a space to relax and enjoy the view.  Photography by Peter Bennetts