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Residence in Hanoi in Trendy Dark Palette and Wooden Cladding


Architectural duo Nghiêm Phong and Đào Thành designed this two-storey residence in Hanoi, Vietnam with a bold swing of imagination, strong, colorful accents and characteristic combination between modern industrial and warm, homey design.

The loft offers multiple unique and imaginative design solutions starting with the materials palette – polished concrete structures and floors dominate the composition and intriguing constructs and furniture of wood and metal complete the design. The second level of the residence is carried by cantilevered Y-shaped bridges composed of metal and wood, which with their unique and provocative presence adorn both floors. The entire apartment, including the bathrooms, enjoys breathtaking views toward the cosmopolitan city throughout large floor-to-ceiling windows.

The first level of the residence offers open plan layout with large concrete bar structure as a focal point and distribution of float. Rich textures and colorful accent soften the industrial presence of the concrete and metal. Different design corners carry different emotions and purposes in the open space. Relaxing soft sitting area invite for leisure time, elegant and functional dining and kitchen zones make for a great family time, organic and luminous working office will bring creativity and recharge into the working routine.

On the second level, the master bedroom is designed in a trendy dark palette with wooden cladding, concrete structures, and intriguing tile floor arrangement. Modern art installation concentrates the attention of the space layout. The bathrooms are also unique and dynamic as a composition, especially noteworthy are the granite/ stone zinc and bathtub pieces. Altogether this residence design offers interesting combinations between fashionable and artistic, industrial and comfy that are worth special exploration.  Photography by Quang Tran