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Two Level Residence in Matera by Manca Studio


Special design for a very special place. This project by Manca Studio is located in the ancient city of Matera, Italy famous for its spectacular cave houses. The interior of this two-level residence combines the contemporary trends and modern ease of expression with strong organic feeling and rustic, artistic elements.

Clear lines, a serenity of composition, colors, and textures, the minimalism of decoration – all together give very calm and welcoming feeling to this contemporary interior. The materials palette selection is quite noteworthy also – mainly organic materials: wood cladding, paneling and clear lined furnishing, granite stone and marble, alternated with natural textiles in mild colors and black accents compose the decor.

Unique lighting installations and fashionable design lamps including the renown creations of Bouroullec brothers; strategically placed throughout the residence bring the necessary luminosity to the design composition. Light color palette, organic shades of gray, beige and abundance of white textures and surfaces complete the serene, clean and modern expression of the premises. Glass partitions and walls together with custom made furnishing roundup the unique layout of this residence interior.  Photography by Pierangelo Laterza