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Kiev by Arquitetura Nacional


This five storey building in Porto Alegre, Brasil is created by architectural studio Arquitetura Nacional for hosting a few generations of the family of the architects: a space that allows privacy and spaciousness of live, but at the same time connects the members of the family in one living premice. The facade of the house is simple and modern – clear lined concrete structure with vast window openings and luxurious materials palette.

The interior decoration of the main apartment offers a combination of exquisite materials selections – blond wood cladding, an abundance of marble, terracotta, and glass, and modern furnishing and decor elements. Exposed concrete ceilings introduce more contemporary, almost industrial edge to the interior compositions that smoothen and turn into welcoming, homey overall expression thanks to the color combinations ( light and soft), the rich textures and the abundance of natural light that dominate the premises.

The main living premises offer several interesting interior choices – the open floor plan connects the kitchen, living, dining zone in one spacious and clad in marble and wood space. Modern design furniture coexists with comfort and art details. The modern shape and texture of the carpet in the main living area is a nice colorful accent for space. The interior composition offers multiple decorative objects and art pieces for the entertainment of the inhabitants and observers.

The children’s rooms are spacious, full of light and adapted for play and comfort time. The master bedroom, on the other hand, offers combination between trendy dark details and warm wood that together create a very cozy and modern ambiance. An interesting detail of the building composition is the roof-top terrace and garden that adds not only stylistic touch and nice space to connect with nature, but also allows a join family time and clean food growth. Photography by Marcelo Donadussi