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Spacious Scandinavian-Style Home by Interjero Architektura


Elegant simplicity and organic charm characterize this project of Interjero Architektūra located in the Kaunas, Lithuania. Alternating rich textures, wood cladding and elements, textiles, and ceramics the architect composed an interior sustained in the best traditions of Scandinavian style – light, spacious and comfortable.

The decor is dominated by calm gray color in various shades, accentuated with elements of white, black, red and blue. The open floor plan of the main living premises combines the warmth of the wooden cladding and characteristic white ceiling. The thematically chosen accents of the furniture arrangement – soft, comfortable textures and charming design coffee tables compose the sitting zone – elegant and playful dining room composition that alternates black and white gives homey and stylish invitation to a family dinner.

Three wood-clad stairs separate the living premise from the corridor and the functional and stylish kitchen zone. Fashionable lamps designs’, vast window openings and mirror-clad areas secure the abundance of light in the interior. In the master bedroom, a playful textural cladding of the walls and brass lamps give the fashionable accent of the stylish composition. The children’s rooms are thematic, organic and playful with custom made furniture arrangements and inviting emanation. Even the entrance speaks of style and special attention to the detail.

The beautiful optical illusion created by the tiles arrangement in the master bathroom frames the bathtub like a piece of art and creates a dynamic accent in the decor composition. The remarkable in this interior decor solution is the elegant and unostentatious way by which the designers combine rich textures, fashionable elements and organic elegance with ease and achieve functional, homey and stylish emanation for the spaces. Classic and elegant dwelling for a modern family life.