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Magical Textile Patterns by Klaus Haapaniemi


The London-based, Finnish, design and lifestyle brand Klaus Haapaniemi was founded by Klaus Haapaniemi and Mia Wallenius in 2010. Their design approach is influenced by nature, Finnish folklore and traditional decorative arts with a modern twist. The inspiration for their prints comes from a rich selection of cultural references: the worlds of art, ballet, music and storytelling.

Black Lake Collection

Initiated by a personal order from iconic artist Björk, Klaus designed a set of bespoke furniture inspired by Björk’s own description of the Icelandic fantasy landscapes, that he then dreamt of bringing back inside the house – said the studio’s co-founder Mia Wallenius.

The main elements of the collection include a bespoke centrepiece sofa with hand engravings upholstered with the Black Lake print, a woven tapestry intended to be used as long rug to flow from a sofa to the floor, and finally a circular carpet which represents the dark steaming pond, biodiverse with strange foliage, water lilies and mysterious lava stones.

Bloom sofa by Nikari and Klaus Haapaniemi & Co.

Bloom is a range of upholstered wood sofas in collaboration with the Finnish sustainable-wood furniture brand, Nikari. Haapaniemi has customized the popular birch sofa with an angled back engraved by Nikari craftsmen with a series of original patterns. The soft elements have been upholstered in Haapaniemi’s new Nocturnal Bloom fabrics.The engraving and fabric can be specified and the sofas are available on request only.