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Family Friendly Home Design by Ruetemple


Two-storey home in suburban Moscow, Russia has been made family-friendly with its play and common areas filled with light and open-plan organization. Completed by Ruetemple, the architects dismantled the beams between the floors to completely overhaul the existing framework. Subsequently, the communal programs wrap around a white structure that hides the staircase up to the bedrooms on the second floor.

Understanding that the family spends the most time together in the common area, Ruetemple arranged the bedrooms all on the second floor in overhanging structures that have windows. In terms of size, they are smaller to allow the ground floor space with the living, lounge, and kitchen to be a single, open-plan and spacious area. Throughout the all-white and wood dwelling, small intimate areas allow the children to explore and play in. The game of height inside and also the interior windows are both elements that have to promote viewpoints and enable the home to be a vibrant place to live. Also, void spaces have been taken advantage of with the installation of netting that allows an area for the family to relax and suspend on.