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Vibrant Restaurant Decor at Treves & Hyde by Grzywinski+Pons


Vibrant atmosphere, attention to the detail, charming environment and welcoming emanation – what more can one desire form a restaurant environment? This London restaurant, Treves & Hyde created by Grzywinski+Pons has it all … and then some more, check it out.

Keeping in mind that the restaurant premises are abundantly illuminated by the sun during most hours of the day the designers had laid the base of the decor in a bold, vibrant color that straightens the sunny emanation of the composition.

Alternating the bright mustard orange with elegant gray surfaces – coming either form classic marble structures or spicy additions of terracotta or concrete the designers achieved a well balanced color composition with a cheerful edge. Smart and artistic additions of vital greenery and plants: like the suspended metal frame that hangs above the bar, full of beautiful life; rounds up the idea of welcoming vitality and warm spirit that defines this interior composition.

The materials palette is sophisticated and organic with charming, trendy additions – marble, ceramics, and timber; natural stone spiced up by stylish brass details and blackened steel compose the ambiance of the space that is both artistically formal and invitingly casual. Cleverly selected decoration details – from the strategically placed mirrors to fashionable lamps, add a contemporary spin to the design. The symbolic entwinement of silver and gold in the color scheme (the warmth of the orange base and the brass dallies juxtaposed to the soft gray of the marble, concrete and the ceramics) creates one cozy, happy and inviting atmosphere where cocktail at the bar, breakfast with your laptop or vivid dinner with loved ones are equally enjoyable and tempting.   Photography by Nicholas Worley