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Modern Parisian Chic Apartment


And of course what to expect form a modern apartment in Paris, France except eminent style, artistic chick and diverting design? This project of architectural studio Les Ateliers Tristan & Sagitta entails the joining of two floors from XVIIth century mansion, to create additional room for the family’s children.

The original architecture is preserve as much it is possible: the gorgeous wooden floors, doors and window frames; with adding ingenious and clever modern additions. Like the staircase that connects internally the two floors – elegant and artistic structure that takes no extra space, or the built-in appliances and storage spaces.

The apartment interior features minimal furnishing with contemporary and artistic shapes and design, bold color solutions that play the role not only as a design decoration but in some cases as space dividers and of course smart architectural arrangement that allows maximum penetration of natural light throughout the premises.

This lightness of the composition, almost minimalist furnishing and decorations; supplemented by strong color accents makes a unique and trendy interior design example. And the playful spirit necessary for children’s dwelling is not amiss. Very cute and enjoyable example of modern Parisian chic – worth the time to explore.