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Bachelor’s Apartment Features Glass and Steel Structures that Give Modern Vibe


This is yet another inspired project by the Romanian designer Bogdan Ciocodeica, which we have introduced to you previously, using again its signature combination between modern, almost industrial aesthetics and warm, welcoming touches and design accents.

Located in central Bucharest this bachelor’s apartment features multiple glass and steel structures that give modern and energetic vibe to the premises, divide without separate and allow the light to flow throughout the apartment. The wooden floors, furniture and cladding that supplement the materials palette balance the austere and industrial feel and bring homey and warmer emanation to the decor composition.

The interior design of this modern space is defined by clear lines, simple shapes, minimal necessary furnishing and well balanced color palette. In the main living premises and kitchen – steel structures, warm caramel wood and modern appliances prevail. In the bedroom on the other hand soft textures, organic materials and muted gray colors bring inviting and cozy vibe to the decor composition. Fresh green accents (also signature touch for the architect) spread throughout the apartment introduce warmer and delicate focal points.

The bathroom design is also noteworthy with its modern shapes, minimalist expression and alternation of black and white tiles. The lighting scheme throughout the premises is also cleverly arranged and with attention to the detail, focusing the light (coming from fashionable designers’ lamps) according to the use and distribution of space. The overall feel of the space is fresh, dynamic and modern.   Photography by Andrei Margulescu