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Renovated Colonial Building Turned into a Charming Bar


In a mood for something Mexican? An unusual bar restaurant that carries the aura of the old colonial fortress? Romantic atmosphere and strong historical spirit enhanced by the smart usage of characteristic materials (wood, ceramics, and iron), and contemporary spin on interior design arrangements.

That are the highlight of this renovated colonial building turned into a charming bar, which combines rustic and industrial elements. The architects from Nauzet Rodríguez had put special effort into recovering the original features of the building and underlining its characteristic presence – restoring the original floors (beautiful ceramic ornaments), reconstruct two ceilings in the image and likeness of the originals, repair existing doors in the cases that it was possible and replacing them by replicas in the cases they were gone, giving the facade, the tower and the balcony, as much it is possible, original historic expression.

Amongst the gardens, the passages, the terraces and the spacious rooms with high ceilings the designers had arranged compositions of gorgeous wooden tables, contemporarily shaped black iron chairs, strategically placed lighting solutions and casually spread green plants and flowers. This gives a home atmosphere and welcoming emanation to the public areas of the bar. Blue accents (mainly walls that play the focal point role in the composition of different zones throughout the bar) together with the ceramic floor patterns enhance the historic atmosphere of the house giving it summery and fresh feel. In truth, the design is as simple as it can be, but still, possesses strong, memorable character and unique spirit.   Photography by Pim Schalkwijk, Juan Sánchez Cano, Courtesy of Nauzet Rodríguez