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Californian Bungalow Renovation by Architect Prineas


In a mood for something fresh, luminous and spring inspired? The clear contemporary simplicity of this 1930s Californian Bungalow renovation in Australia exuberates such a fresh serenity that we find it very suited for inspiration for this time of the year.

The Architect Prineas had faced the challenge of bringing more light and better ventilation into the existing structure and had championed it by opening the premises with simple, minimalistic shapes, manipulating and alternating the roof shape (introducing sky-light vertical windows) and increasing the natural connection between the main living premises and the surrounding gardens. A generous outdoor timber deck creates the extension of the internal spaces, luminous white finishing framed by black aluminum windows invite garden views and abundantly reflect and distribute the natural sunlight coming in.

The interior décor arrangement is fluid, modern and with elegant, minimalistic expression – white surfaces prevail, freshened up by natural timber accents and black details. Geometrical patterns that alternate black and white set the central theme of the design composition. Functional and comfortable furniture supplemented by elegant, fashionable lighting solutions and lamps compose the main living premises and add dynamics to the simple open plan layout. This house interior is a beautiful example of how sometimes in contemporary designs the simplest and most clear expressions are the most beautiful and mesmerizing ones. Photography by Chris Warnes