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Bogdan Ciocodeica Create Fresh Decor for Kane Restaurant


It is not very often that you can see a contemporary – almost industrial  interior that carries warmth and joyful feeling with ease, so this creation of designer Bogdan Ciocodeica located in Bucharest, Romania is worth exploring.

Urban jungle comes to mind: a space were abundant fresh greenery, delicate wooden an woven furniture coexist with exposed ceiling piping and wiring, trendy cooper designer’s lamps and Edison bulbs. A dynamic city oasis with multiple whimsical details (lush vegetation, painted walls and monkeys hanging from the corners) with many artistic focal points spread throughout the decor. A space where one can enjoy an exotic, round the world, fusion cuisine and relax in the atmosphere created by custom made furniture as well as fashionable brands such as Normann Copenhagen, Bolia, HK Living, Seletti and Hubsch.

The open plan space features different zones for exploration and enjoyment – starting with the eight meter long marble bar with a mirror in the background and a light mint ceramic frame and continuing with multiple sitting corners and arrangements – big comfy sofas for friends gathering, more privet spaces for quick bite or secluded conversation, all sustained in artistic decor language and good quality materials. The materials palette is composed manly from organic elements – polished concrete for the floors, ceramic tile cladding for some corners, marble additions, brass and cooper details and wooden furnishing coexist amongst the lush vegetation and give warm and welcoming atmosphere for the fashionable arrangement. Space offers a dynamic diversity of colors, materials, and shapes – much like the busy city life itself.   Photography by Andrei Margulescu