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Diego Paccagnella Designed Casa Flora for Romantic Holiday Stay in Venice


Ever dreamed of a luxurious, romantic and unique holiday stay in Venice? Well, Casa Flora may just be the thing. This design project of Diego Paccagnella and Design Apart is not only an absolute delight for the eye and the senses it’s also a unique gathering of more than twenty Italian companies that have produced custom made furniture for Casa Flora.

This apartment project is unique combination between traditional Venetian charm: arched windows, marble fireplaces, together with some whimsical new spins of tradition like the usage of palladiana terrazzo. A typical flooring in local houses, used here in the toilets, or the green stone of the kitchen countertop designed by TM Italia – usually cladding historic palazzo facades and church alters; and the highly artistic, contemporary trendiness of the design combination. Strong, bold colors (sometimes in a Girlish Pink, the warm way like in the bedroom), large furniture with a unique and characteristic silhouette, an abundance of fresh green plants – all of it very trendy right now. So this holiday apartment brings artistic contemporary design to the channels of Venice and introduces a new spin into the word of traditional hospitality models.

With close attention to each detail (no matter how small) the design team had created one warm, unforgettable and welcoming space, where custom made design furniture pieces can flourish and blossom. Here uniquely cute design pies like the pink metal tables and clothes rails by Mingardo in the bedroom, and again there the 3D-printed lamps by Alessandro Zambelli and Lanzavecchia + Wai for ExNovo can coexist with traditional Venetian materials including Murano glass, treated briar wood and textiles.

Each living zone has its color and design theme – the Sea Blue, Aquamarine and muted Greens of the living area which invites relaxation and chill-out time and simultaneously charms with its romantic emanation. Or the functional gray in the kitchen, spiced up by the light-blue asymmetrical dynamics of cylinder leg on one side of the kitchen island and more spindly legs on the other and together with the designer’ s bar-stools bring a contemporary finishing touch to the kitchen assembly.