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Modern House in Strong Connection with Environment


Quite characteristic and unusual contemporary house project located in Lithuania, created by architectural studio NEBRAU. The house aims for maximum natural appearance and strong connection with its environment. The layout is simple and linear, composed with organic materials palette: stone, wood, granite and raw concrete; the architects paid special attention to preserve the maximum of its natural surrounding – the existing trees and blossoming meadows are kept intact and in their natural state.

Two wooden deck terraces give a maximum connection between the interior and exterior. Small, gravel covered Japanese Zen courtyard brings aesthetic connection between the different wings of the house and through glass aquarium-like openings introduces its organic charm into the interior decor composition. The beauty of simplicity is oozing through each and every detail of this project.

The interior design continues this connection with Nature using functional, lasting and organic materials palette with warmer read and some charming traditional Lithuanian ornaments used in the decor. The concrete slabs used for the decoration of the fireplace have the imprint of the honeycomb decorations that represents the “network of life.” The glass art is an homage paid to the ancient Lithuanian house door symbols with diamond-shaped ornaments. The main living zone premises offer an open floor plan layout, decorated with gorgeous blond wood cladding, row concrete structures and stylish, large furniture arrangements.

The duality of the floor coverage in the corridors creates a visual emphasis on the natural connection between stone and wood. The kitchen is also extensively clad in wood which gives it a warm, homey emanation with a contemporary edge thanks to the black granite countertop and the stylish black furniture.