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Dynamic Balance Between Raw Materials at Coworking Space by Going East


Not many employers comprehend the deep connection between the satisfactory work environment and the quality of the work. This one does the Belgium-based firm Fosbury & Sons had charged the interior design studio Going East with the challenging task to create a contemporary professional office. That possesses the comfort, ease, and fun of your space combined with the artistry, the high quality and the entertainment that only a professional design touch can give.

So, here it is – large 3000 m², area that features a great diversity of premises and services to offer, all sustained in decor language worthy of the building’s architecture created by the legendary modernist architect Léon Stynen. The layout features an exquisite and dynamic balance between raw materials: the exposed concrete structures, the black steel beams, recycled fiberglass and bricks stones in bar and entrance desk. That give the cosmopolitan feel, combined with custom-made details – like the lamps, sofa’s, curtains, desks, tables which are the soft and warm elements that make it feel like a home.

The design invites many different experiences, and different routes throughout the premises make you discover new details each time – you can sit and enjoy your coffee on the bar built completely of 100% recycled bricks and fiberglass. Work amongst the plants like in a park, sit in the library, lie down in the Aster seat, casually rest on the steps… The experience is so far from typical office environment that is almost like living in a mini-city, which by the way possesses the esthetical vibe of cosmopolitan High Line (New York). The color scheme together with the material palette keeps the classy feel going – nothing too ostentatious or overly bold: timeless combinations, in warm and organic range. A place where one can fully enjoy work, feel playful and get creative.   Photography by Frederik Vercruysse, Bart Kiggen