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Objectum Created an Original Loft Apartment Decor in Prague


Architect Jana Hamrová and Objectum has created an original design with creative solutions and textures. Two bedroom loft apartment in Prague with central staircase and two bathrooms. BoysPlayNice capture this attractive home for us.

Create a colorful interior was the criteria set out from a client for the architect. Large glass windows are dominant for space, and that was determining the choice of the colors. Blue as a sky and yellow as the sun. You can see these colors vary in the apartment in all their range from their subdued version in the entrance lobby to the darker blue in the bedroom referring to the evening sky and the dark red for the sun as it meets the horizon.

A client at the same time had a collection of artworks. For each artwork was chosen one wallpaper that emphasizes the atmosphere of each piece.
All these inputs together allow to create various interior but linked together by the same motive and the work with details.
For the interior is also important to work with different light scenes. These were created with products of companies Moooi, Artemide, and Deltalight. You can see cocoon from Catellani&Smith turn into the butterflies.