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Modern Single-Story Cubical House by Zooco Studio


In a mood for something light, contemporary and sunny? White, open spaces full of natural light, easiness of movement, modern furniture pieces, and elegant style. You won’t expect it from pre-assembled houses but nonetheless here it is, the project of Zooco Studio possesses contemporary expression and stylish decor. The prefabricated house comes in a modular system that allows the owners to choose the size, distribution, and finishes of the project. In this case, the premises offer pure cubical expression with a luminous environment, designed with comfortable modern furniture.

Situated amongst flat green garden with charming but simple patio-terrace the one-floor house offers an unobstructed connection with the outside and the surrounding nature that enhances the feeling of freedom and ease. The interior decor composition combines natural materials: mainly wooden details and furniture – with soft inviting textures and very fashionable and artistic lamps pieces. Each corner of the design assembly has its trendy design light or artistic wooden detail to create a focal point.

The living zone, dining and kitchen premises are interconnected in one open floor plan and defined by elegant and contemporary furniture arrangements. The color palette is kept light (different hues of gray, blond wood and small color accents) to correspond with the luminous expression of the prevailing whiteness of the architectural assembly and finishing. So, easy to assemble, easy to live in it, easy to enjoy – a modern home and a modern design and solution.