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Bercy Chen Studio Combine Simple Cubic Forms to Assemble Modernist House


How would you like something modernistic with strong organic connections, to explore? It is unusual combination, but Bercy Chen Studio, the architects of this single family home – the Tetra House had aimed for unusual not only in the sense of combining simple cubical forms with modernistic expression but also connecting them to the organic presence of the earth, the sky, the water and the wood.

The house design draws from a range of inspirations from the constructivist paintings of El Lissitzky to Mexican Modernism from the 50s and 60s, it also integrates a variety of organic and natural connections, as a stat – being centered around an intimate courtyard containing a sky blue pool and a gravel garden with Japanese maple trees and altogether Japanese Zen Garden emanation.

Even the color choices of the interior design palette reflect the aspiration for unity with nature – various shades of blue, through tiles, accent paint walls, and finishes echo the water courtyard around which the house is built and blend the pop-up spaces with the sky.

The house facade features an alternation of wood and glass structures, a series of volumes and surfaces that are layered and intersecting – the same play of levels and variation of materials goes valid for the interior decor composition as well. But in the inside composition the organic materials palette – wood, marble, soft textures and light colors is intertwined with modernistic shapes, functional fittings and trendy design elements, fashionable lighting solutions, comfortable design pieces of furniture. The house possesses distinct warm and welcoming spirit that comes from the dark wood cladding and light, soft texture composition but also from the dynamic space layout with its niches, levels, and untypical corners.  Photography by Paul Bardagjy