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Urban White by Susanna Cost


Combining oak and white lacquer the master of Slow Design – Susanna Cost, created this luminous and utterly welcoming home situated on the hills of Barcelona. The house features: living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, a suite, three bedrooms, five bathrooms and the terrace – the last of which is a paradise of tranquility and inviting comfort. Clad in dark wood juxtaposed to the modern white furniture pieces the terrace offers privileged view and enjoyable open space. Throughout the house, the designer had used a play between the natural wood cladding and furnishing and white finishing that create a classy and warm experience. This in combination with artistic attention towards the detail creates charismatic and unforgettable atmosphere.

In the main living premises, trendy pieces of furniture: like the shining brass coffee tables or the extremely comfy-looking chairs that surround the rustic style dining table; are combined with soft textures, designers pieces of lamps and lighting installations and beautiful art and ceramics details. This creates an entertaining and welcoming space for family and friends time. The main focal point of the premise becomes the unusually angled contemporary fireplace with its alternation of colors, materials and voids and solids. The kitchen, on the other hand, is decided in minimalist white with a functional selection of appliances and materials – which makes it highly utilitarian space with modernistic appearance.

Each premise of this house has its unique artistic characteristics: the raised wooden platforms for the beds in the children’s rooms and the transparent connection with their bathrooms, the tile play in the bathrooms premises, the glass cubicle and the wooden lattice that filters and play with the light in the family room working office space, the lacquered white wood of the corridor that integrates small cubicles, converted into vases with natural plants – each and every area has its own unique and special charisma. A design worth exploring and slowly enjoying each thoughtful detail of it.  Photography by Mauricio Fuertes