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Glass Pavilion at the Gardens of Sao Paulo


Glass pavilion amongst the gardens of São Paulo, Brazil constructed by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados. This contemporary project was contrived  as a living and gathering space where the owners can entertain their guest and friends without disturbing the privacy of the main house.

The architects had put an extended effort in preserving the unique connection between the beautiful garden and the pavilion: the transparent structure of glass, wood and metal which blurs the borders between in and out; The two wooden decks that make the transition between exterior and interior natural, the linear single volume that allows the space to be perceived in a circular movement. The two wings are visible to each other across the garden, are all features of the architecture that are strengthening that connection.

And although the beauty of the garden has a strong influence over the premises the interior decor is also characteristic, colorful and with multiple artistic and design touches that make it charismatic. Modern furniture pieces (some of them influences by the trend of vintage inspiration), colorful accents in red, blue and green – all laid on the simple and sophisticated base of wood, metal, and glass create a dynamic interior composition.

The spatial arrangement is following its primary goal – to unite and entertain friends, different sitting corners with large comfortable sofas and the whimsical touch of artistic furniture pieces invite for a good time and play. Some art pieces and trendy black walls emphasize the contemporary expression of the pavilion. And of course, the beautiful nature of the gardens, visible from each corner of the space, invites ease and tranquility.  Photography by Nelson Kon