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Interjero Architektura Apartment Renovation in Vilnius Old Town


Indrė Sunklodienė and her studio Interjero Architektūra has renovated a small apartment of 49.0 m2, located in  Vilnius Old Town, to turn it into a family residence with a classic and contemporary design.

The interior design of this flat was dictated by renovated building. Historically, this building was built as a residential building in the heart of the Old Town in 1904, which was later transferred the owner of the Jesuit Order. In Soviet times, nationalized church property, this building was set up in police commissariat, which after brought back independence have been raised again and the property handed over to the Order. Renovation of building company decided to restore the original purpose of the building and its use of administrative returned to the residence.

The interior concept was dictated by the history of the building, but the result is an eclectic, where you can find and 20century modern, vintage and industrial style. The apartment has very high ceilings, so we have designed mezzanine above the kitchen, covered with tinted mirror for storage. Important apartment accent – wood veneer entry solid wood wall with graphite gray color goes into the ceiling and floor moldings, creating a contrast framing effect.

The main living area design axis – glamor ceiling view. According to our project of created pattern has been taken over on the photo wallpaper and glued on the ceiling. This was intended to highlight the greatest advantage of the apartment – high ceilings.  Photography by Leonas Garbačauskas