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Residential Project in Taichung City by Ris Interior Design Co


This residential project of 86 sqm space located in Taichung City, Taiwan was designed by Ris Interior Design Co. They turn this apartment into a family home, an oasis away from the urban jungle.

Our project ‘Anti-sinuous,’ the interior design motive is derived from the complexity of human coexistence among the modern world, primitive housing, and natural environment. Based on human natures, spacious accommodation eases nerves and expand visions. To win an open-wide layout, boldly break most partition walls and cleverly joint different direction of corners to create extra room and sanitary area. Perfect lighting and ventilation. We make a balance between irregular space and regular daily livings.

The site plan is extremely narrow and sinuous, using design, we discard the boundary between the living area and dining area, and remain basic housing utility such sanitary area and bedrooms. To supply livings of 2 adults and two children in a limited space, 86 square meters, though the plan is sinuous and irregular, the layout is pragmatic and multi-functional indeed. Boldly break most partition walls to create spacious sensation and public interaction between living and dining areas. Make connection among different direction of corners, to bring out a tranquil master bedroom with an elegant sanitary area. This site is not only considerate and well-furnished but also embodies the harmony between living and housing.

The less is more. To avoid redundantly massive decoration, only apply few types of construction materials to set off the nature of surroundings and open lighting and ventilation. Massive white spray paint and white glossy lacquer create the essence of spacious sensation in subtle layers. Neutral gray pseudo-architectural concrete (pseudo-fair-faced concrete) neatly sets off furniture’s composed existence. The wide solid wood table is a bridge across daily living through kitchen workplace.