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Metamoorfose Studio Cleverly Arranged Space at Sao Paulo Apartment


When space features a dynamic interior decor atmosphere it has not only the entertaining multitude of cleverly arranged elements but also possesses the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Precisely this free spirit and ease of decor were searched by a young couple in São Paulo, Brazil when the design firm Metamoorfose Studio was charged with the task to turn this contemporary apartment into a home.

Space may not be big but is utilized cleverly and with charm. The main focal point of the architectural design becomes the honey-colored folding wooden panel adorned with contemporary geometrical shape: elegant in its simplicity, yet smart and mesmerizing solution.

The panel separates the kitchen, dining space from a cute and cozy sitting area and hides the guest bathroom. The kitchen features trendy black fittings, modern appliances and beautiful aquamarine tiles composition with a distinctive pattern. The dining zone is decided with fashionable furniture with light expression and eye-catching lighting solution.

The sitting area in the entrance of the bedroom is accomplished in pastel colors, soft textures and low furniture composition which give space cozy, welcoming emanation. Both zones are connected not only by the folding wooden panel but also by a spacious terrace that offers additional living zone for relaxation and enjoyment with a view towards the city. The furnishing of the apartment is a mixture of beautiful wooden pieces, soft modern design, and hints of vintage charm – that gives a homey personality to the design composition.   Photography by Maira Acayab