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8PM + Octopus Space by Cache Atelier


8PM + Octopus Space in Sofia, Bulgaria was designed by Cache atelier. The workplace of 65 sq.ft has to be easily transformed for workshops mainly for children.

8PM is a PR agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our task was not only to redesign and predefine their working space but to make it more flexible and integrate the new OCTOPUS concept – a space that combines working area, retail area for “smart” toys and limited edition tickets and invitations for events and a small coffee/bar area. The idea is the space to be easily transformed and workshops mainly for children to be held after working hours and during the weekends. The space itself is situated in the central parts of Sofia, and it had a great spirit and atmosphere, so our main goal was to preserve it as much as possible and just to integrate some more color and industrial touch to space.  Photography by Vencislava Vasileva