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General Assembly Transform Industrial Space into Loft


A place with character and individual spirit, this loft creation of studio General Assembly is an excellent example of the trend of transforming former industrial spaces and factories into hip and contemporary living premises. The building is located in a typical industrial Brooklyn neighborhood that is experiencing a new birth with the massive refurbishment of disused industrial buildings in residential areas.

The interior decor composition lies on few fundamental pillars – the architects left intact the essential elements of the old design – the rustic charm of the original wooden beams that support the wooden sloping ceiling, the exposed red brick constructs and the vast windows structures that illuminate the interior with an abundance of natural light. That is supplemented by beautiful contemporary additions: the beautiful polished concrete floors alternated with decorative tiles constructs, and inviting comfort rug selection, the custom made fittings and stylish furniture with a hint of vintage atmosphere.

The main living premises feature a cozy and welcoming living room with an abundance of soft textures and lush living greenery, adjoined by functional kitchen corner clad with few types of tiles and a dining zone decided with light wood and white finishing. Private rooms, including a bedroom, bathroom, and office are located at the other end of the apartment and are hidden behind sliding doors, which allow saving space. The abundance of light elements, such as the white walls and panels of oak, creates a feeling of lightness and airiness. The bathroom possesses simple and contemporary elegance – clad mainly in fashionable tile selection and with stylish appliances. The bedroom is also simple with bright and welcoming emanation and thanks to some thoughtful design touch the space invites for relaxation and serenity.