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BG Apartment


High-class luxury, warm color and materials’ palette, open spaces and cozy, welcoming emanation this contemporary residential project in Seville, Spain has it all. The architects from Francesc Rifé Studio had develop the main living spaces in open plan layout where the division between different functional zones comes from smart usage of cladding material: light pine wood making a cozy working space at the far end of the premise, marble and glass for the effective entrance, soft rug for relaxing reading corner. A clever, stylish and functional division of premises.

The bedrooms and bathroom are separated in more privet layout in the inside of the apartment. With quite the romantic widows view we may add, looking over the historical heart of the city. The material palette includes premium Calacatta marble, light pine wood, transparent glass and some of the original stone structures of the building – this gives stylish class and elegant ease to the decor composition.

The color palette is kept light and elegant – the white furniture and walls alternate with darker elements in charcoal gray and black, the smooth bleach color of the pine wood cladding and custom made fittings is supplemented by the shining surfaces of the light marble additions. This gives welcoming and elegant emanation to the interior composition. The bedrooms are white, minimalist and therefore serene and welcoming as the atmosphere. The bathroom is contemporary luxury clad in marble. The kitchen is functional and tidy, decided in simple black and white palette. The whole apartment interior composition is high class thru and thru.