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Dark Trendy Mood of Modern Life at Mole Design Project


Beautiful Asian aesthetic traditions translated in contemporary read with dark, trendy elements and minimal but renowned furnishing pieces.

This contemporary project of Mole Design located in Taipei, Taiwan has a strong character that combines the dark, trendy mood of modern life and the simple ease of Asian design traditions. The apartment features vast open spaces with minimal furnishing, dark wooden cladding and custom made furniture and space dividers that adorn the main living premise composing it in one seamless continuum.

The living room furniture features a trendy composition by renowned designer Patricia Urquiola the cozy-looking Bend Sofa and the burgundy oval puff from her collection Fat-Fat & Lady-Fat Service Elements for B&B Italia which give the needed soft, inviting look for the open living space. A nice touch is the custom made and intriguingly illuminated shelf- divider that sets the siting premise apart of the rest of the living room zone. The rest of the furnishing throughout the apartment carries a delicate vintage hint and Asian aesthetics.

Dark hues of gray and beige, combined with the deep brawn and the black of the wooden composition give a warm, cave- like emanation to the color palette and the spirit of the décor. The luxurious marble cladding and element add to the class of the design. The open premises, the tradition inspired minimalism in furnishing and decor elements, and the carefully selected few trendy touches define the dynamic character of this place.