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Limited Urban Dwelling by 5X Studio


This clear-lined contemporary space build as a new addition to the original house for two brothers is the essence of the trend for miniature Asian living areas; which we have told you about in our article on the upcoming interior design trends for 2017 – Limited Urban Dwellings. Simple, welcoming, with fresh touches of lush greenery and organic materials palette the creation of 5X Studio is an excellent example of how less and be more and how the serenity of the interior composition can illuminate people’s everyday life.

The project consists of two main bodies (designed for each of brothers personal living premises- separate but still maintaining an emotional connection) a corridor and semi-outdoor platform that provides lush vegetation shelter for the open glass frame of the spaces. In this way, the abundance of natural light is permitted in the interior décor without disturbing the privacy of the dwellings. The furnishing is decided with typical Asian minimalism, clad in rich organic materials palette: light wood, soft textures and small furniture. And multiple customs made compartments and hidden spaces that preserve the clear-lined expression of the design. Nothing overwhelming – simple contemporary functionalism carried with style and regard toward cozy, comfortable living experience.  Photography by Ice Lo