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Cliffside Transformed by the ARRCC into a Modern Holiday Escape


This three-story apartment situated on the water’s edge in Bantry Bay, Cape Town is composed by team of interior architects  ARRCC in collaboration with Christian Nell Designs and is an excellent example of rich contemporary decor full of light and art.

The design composition is defined by the transparency of the glass structures; starting with the vast panoramic windows on each level inviting the breathtaking views and abundant natural light into the composition, going through the multiple glass installations, partitions and even furniture and finishing with the central piece of aqua colored glass panels that float beneath the ceiling, mimicking the rippling water surfaces of the bay.

This fragility of elements is balanced by the presence of rich, luxurious materials palate – marble, gorgeous wood custom-made fittings and cladding, soft textures (some with intriguing rural motifs), brass and copper elements. Fashionable furniture, quite intriguing lamps and lighting installations and above else a very rich art collection that adorns every surface of the three story layout finishes the picture of this luxurious modern holiday escape.

The third floor – and as we call it – the entertainment floor features not only a very rich wine collection displayed beneath custom-made wine cellar, not only very cool chill area with soft finishing and bar but also a hint of romance represented by the baby grand piano. The bathrooms with their gorgeous marble fittings, trendy brass elements and almost casually spread piece of art invite relaxation and high-class enjoyment. Which is true for the rest of the premises as well high-class materials, intriguing shapes, fashionable furniture and lamps and – o, so entertaining and rich art collection pure enjoyment and great vacation vibe. Take your time to explore it.