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Reception of a Luxurious Resort by Lukas Gadeikis


Interior architect Lukas Gadeikis submitted an interior design project of the lobby bar and the reception of a luxurious resort IDW Esperanza Resort in Lithuania.

Shortly about the project in the words of an author: I aimed at creating modern classics interior, which would sharply contrast with the log architecture of the resort. I divided the project into two main areas, the reception and the lobby bar, and then brought them together through common thematic details and materials.

The reception welcomes visitors with a bright, almost entirely white space, where picture windows greet visitors with a view of the lake and reception table (warmly called Titanic by the construction team) reflects the nature behind the window. The bar is just the opposite – dark, rich colors dominating here create intimacy, while polished brass details and black marble help to preserve an atmosphere of the luxurious resort.

Interior architect Lukas Gadeikis is currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania. For 15 years he has been creating interior designs for shops, supermarkets and apartments in the Eastern and Western Europe, also the Middle East.