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Curtain by Arik Levy for Vibia


The Curtain hanging lamp collection designed by Arik Levy consists of suspended lamps that combine direct light and diffused vertical light. The LED light that is given off combines with the reflective qualities of the fabrics generating a cascading waterfall of light effect.

Conceived for Spanish company VIBIA, Curtain can be arranged in a myriad of ways depending on their particular applications, be it a suspended chandelier, a fitting over the dining table, an installation within a reception area or public space, or as a ceiling partition for office and professional areas.

The light compliments the reflective qualities of the fabrics, playing with the different tones, shadows, and textures of the fabrics and generating a cascading vertical light.

Curtain allows a great variety of applications: a chandelier composed of different light planes, an attractive composition to light a dining table or an installation for a reception area.

The collection includes a choice of two colours for the fabrics, white and mink, and two different metal profiles for the light fitting, graphite or lacquered matt white.