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Trendy Dark Bachelor Apartment by YoDezeen


Trendy dark, masculine and with the dynamic layout this bachelor’s apartment in Kiev is designed by a architects team YoDezeen: Architects Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, Irina Babich, interior designer Anna Tarabanova; that made it a contemporary, welcoming space.

The open floor layout of the palace offers a dynamic correlation between all the living premises – kitchen, dining zone, living room and even a bedroom; defined only by the amazing curves, niches and clever design architecture that gives clear borders to each space without actually separating them. The mood of the color and materials palette is bold, strong and characteristic. Industrial raw concrete ceiling with contemporary lighting installations coexist with soft textures, comfortable furniture, and some spicy design defiles. The dark colors are vitalized by shining brass and copper elements that create a luxurious entwinement.

The characteristic stone wall backstop the master bed becomes an active focal point for the design – its row surface offers organic touch to the dynamic modern arrangement of the space. This, together with the comfy-looking designer’s leather chairs, cushions, and furry carpet brings a somewhat county-side-like character to space. The interior decor is not overwhelmed by unnecessary defiles and decorative elements, is left bright and expressive. A single bonsai plant adds a green vitality touch to the overall dark expression of the space. The kitchen and bathroom are clear-lined, functional and modern with a hint of high-class luxury.  Photography by Andrea Shubenkov