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Three Level Apartment in Milan by Archiplan Studio


Using their natural, organic materials palette, the designers from Archiplan Studio composed this three-level apartment in Milan, Italy as an expression of luminous charm and ingenious lattice installations.

Beautiful wooden lattice encloses the first and the second level of the apartment introducing continuity and lightness to the architectural expression. Actually, lattice details can be seen everywhere throughout the apartment. Lattice composes the floor (respectfully the ceiling) between the two levels – a wooden diaphragm is encapsulated in a see-through glass structure that aloes the light to penetrate between levels.

The lamps, the decorative elements, and even the cushion’s upholsteries present us with another reader on lattice structures and patterns. Some of the metal furniture and the staircase parapet are also an expression of the “see-through” idea that leads the design of this contemporary space. The rest of the furnishing is composed of a solid, clear-lined wooden structures or comfortable soft texture additions.

The colors are kept light, and elegant – hues of beige, gray and white enhance the luminous expression of the materials palate and the lightness of the design composition. Black and blue elements give a color accents to the spectrum. Space offers a dynamic and modern atmosphere that also possesses timeless elegance and unique artistry – a difficult combination to achieve in one area, but nonetheless, here it is in this contemporary Italian interior decor composition.